worry is a choice
worry is saying I can’t handle life using ‘what if’ worst case scenarios
pondering is planning to deal with likely scenarios such as ‘when I get a flat tire I’ll reinflate with my portable compressor’ and is self helping
worst case scenarios are self defeating and create crap emotions

What is the situation that you are upset about?
Answer: An imaginary situation I cooked up in my head

What are the unhealthy negative emotions that you are experiencing?
Answer: depression rage anxiety shame embarrassment hurt guilt jealousy

What self-defeating behaviors would you like to change?
Answer: withdrawal avoiding social contact procrastination

What demand are you making about the situation?
Answer: Life must be easy, without discomfort or inconvenience. I must do well and win the approval of others or else I am no good. Other people must do “the right thing” or else they are no good and deserve to be punished.
Dispute: is any of this true?
Rational Belief: there is no evidence for these beliefs

What are your new healthy negative emotions?
Answer: sadness annoyance concern regret disappointment

What are your new self-helping behaviors?
Answer: talking to strangers asking for what I want creating new artwork tackling unpleasant tasks without needless delay exercising ordering healthy take out treats from Sophie's