Why Justin Trudeau is our Canadian Abraham Lincoln.

The War of Mr. Lincoln Continues

The weapons of the traditional hierarchy were formerly a conscripted militarized monarchy in a farm-based economy. Currently, it’s capitalism and privatization, their soldiers are the cannon fodder of the uneducated (in Canada) using the operator of the truck and the always temporarily employed, like an anxious and aggressive construction worker. These are symbolized by the uniform of the yellow safety vest.

The weapon of socialism is empathy. Currently for the pandemic victim. Take care of one another, don’t go to work and get sick and die. Supported by the government, you don’t die. And by not dying, reduce the private profits of capitalists by not going to work.

To the capitalist, those dying are a cost, the sick and elderly. They need to reduce costs. It's their religion of cost-fear at the church of Costco. They like it when folks die. It reduces their fear of costs. Cowards and bullies. Aggression always goes hand in hand with anxiety.

Abraham Lincoln showed the world that the victim of the religion of reducing costs has the right to not be a slave and has the right to inconvenience the slaveholder through asserting that right. On a global level.

We are still fighting that revolution.

Universal basic income, free tuition, universal medical and dental care is rapidly becoming the way of the world in civilizations that were once war-torn, like Europe and Japan, who along with China, now have the strongest economies.

It turns out, based on evidence, that empathy is good for the universal economy. Those concerned with the private economy, hate that, as it is bad for them and their private art collection. They hate Toyota for example because being reliable (and therefore safe) reduces repairs and decreases private profits. It turns out that empathy keeps you and your kids from being smeared across the highway.

If the cheap Dodge or GM mechanic wage slave, or the truck driver that supplies him, becomes unemployed he can avail himself of UBI and free tuition and get retrained, or join the professional middle class at a much higher wage. But he has to face the shame of it. His family friends even his church will turn their backs on him. He can no longer go to the bar every night and still study. Alberta, a very alcohol-soaked, conservative, privatized, religious place to live, has the highest suicide rate in Canada. Psychotherapy for drug and alcohol addiction is scorned unless it is the 3% success rate religious 12 step. Real men eat their guns.

The war of Mr. Lincoln continues.




meditation, reportage, blog, humour piece, eulogy, autobiographical slice, diatribe, list, collage, mosaic, lecture, or letter

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Jerald W. Blackstock

Jerald W. Blackstock

meditation, reportage, blog, humour piece, eulogy, autobiographical slice, diatribe, list, collage, mosaic, lecture, or letter

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