The Therapy of Art Therapy

Miriam — Blackstock ‘23

Dali was a master of obsessive illustration for sure

Horribly victimized by his narcissist wife, virtually a slave to that obsession

Painters are too busy being womanized and seduced by the poetry of paint, too impatient to see the next stroke to be concerned with obsessive detail.

We wonder what’s going to happen next, what happens if I do this or this?
We don’t work to an outcome, the outcome comes to us, a gift that is called life. Picasso said to start with an idea and see where it takes you.

What happens when I go down this rabbit hole? is the question that drives our driving, gives satisfaction and therefore meaning to life.

Dali was the victim of the cognitive distortion: I must be liked and accepted or else I am [place some irrational fearful consequence here], that’s always a lie. It got him slavery for life to a narcissist.



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