Sunday at the Coffee Shop

I’m trying to sort out what happened. I’m at a coffee shop sitting outside doing doggie foto and having random chats. A woman sits down near me I say Hi politely, What are you up to today.

She had been at her spiritual group, about 50 people, focus on unity and freedom. It didn’t resonate in her body so she wasn’t feeling complete… This is the narcissists hook to the codependent to come and fix her. I found out on Twitter later that unity and freedom are the freedumb convoy clan cult buzzwords.

I told her of my lifetime of cult/religious/spiritual groups of how they exist to consume and don’t give to those in need when I was in need, I ended up at the hospital learning to ask for evidence for my self defeating beliefs. I found no need for spirituality in my life since then.

Evidence was a trigger word, she led us to discussing her belief in not vaxing as her body would cure her. I responded by saying she didn’t have the right to shed virus and mutate them in her body, she didn’t have the right to hurt others. She got upset and left. 0 empathy, narcissist through and through.