Sex, Drugs, Crime and Taxis

I recently connected with Joyce a friend from my ‘misspent youth’, as they say.

She sells expensive things like houses to rich people on Canada’s exclusive Vancouver Island. The gate in that community is the Georgia Straight of pure Pacific Ocean with massive waves impassible in the frequent winter storms. I was once on the last ferry allowed out from Victoria and it we barely made it. It made skiing the bowls at Whistler, my destination, look sane, which it isn’t. The housing is so scarce at Whistler people rent out their closets. No kidding. At least it has a door so you can have sex with the waitress you brought home.

I now live in the foothills of the Rockies and make expensive art for rich people. I have lived all my life, like most artists, on alternate income, formerly day gigs like taxi where I met Joyce, and now senior’s pensions and subsidies.

I love this reconnection with Joyce who is turning out to be a dear friend of shared history.

I made this handy video to illustrate those past adventures with serious stoned weirdos.



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