Religion in Art

The Return of Magic in Art

J.J. Charlesworth 30 May 2022 Art Review

About many things J.J. Charlesworth is just plain wrong, especially the rationalistic, secular and scientific values being associated with “Arguably, what underpins today’s growing sympathy for occultism is the terminally declining influence of a rationalistic, secular modern worldview that is now associated with the depredations of capitalism, patriarchy and ecological disaster.”

My view, based in the teachings of ancient psychological insight of Epictetus, who said, “What disturbs men’s minds is not events but their judgments on events.” (, sees religion, spirituality, yoga etc. as people profiting from a judgement on events that creates anxiety, capitalism at its worse. People therefore become overly concerned with death as a consequence of constant criticism of themselves others and the universe then unscrupulous hucksters use sanctimonious claptrap to profit from it.



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