I bought a pair of Zeiss lenses from Brass Monocle on 16 Ave.

I bought a pair of Zeiss lenses from Brass Monocle on 16 Ave. in 2017 because they use the advanced computer system of Zeiss measurement of pupillary distance and had them installed into expensive Ray Ban frames that I bought at www.glenmorevisioncenter.com. Combined cost $1600.00 and went back regularly for constant fit adjustments. They blamed my frames, and my brain for why they never worked properly. Refused to change the pads, said they couldn’t get them from Ray Ban. I trusted them and believed them and put up with eye strain for six years as they said this was as good as it gets.
Two weeks ago, I went back to Glenmore vision and had new pads installed where they told me anyone could get them and my glasses were adjusted by Deb Shea so that for the first time in six years, I had perfect comfortable vision.
I had already ordered new Zeiss lenses from Brass Monocle as the coatings had worn off the old ones. During that process I was told by Carla that she was busy and to get off the phone while I was confirming my 1000.00-dollar order. I told her it was odd to be rushed off the phone when spending a thousand bucks. She never apologized for making it clear that I wasn’t her priority. Or thanked me for my thousand-dollar order.
I had the new lenses installed at Brass Monocle to protect my warranty but unless I need warranty work, I won’t be back. They didn’t fit properly, again, but the elderly gent just said, ‘they look fine to me’. He never bothered to get off his chair and actually check the fit. I then told him that I’d just spent a thousand dollars, and no one said thanks.

I find them incompetent, arrogant and rude like they are doing me a favour by serving me and meeting my health and safety needs.
In comparison I spent 12 dollars at Glenmore Vision, my vision problems vanished, and Deb spent half an hour answering my questions giving professional advice.
I suspect the lousy non-adjustments at Brass Monocle are a scam to sell more expensive frames as they kept blaming the Ray Bans even though they are comparable in quality and price and have an excellent reputation. Either that or they are merely incompetent. I guess either way, based on comparison, they are incompetent.

So, I went back to Glenmore Vision the next day after getting my new lenses installed. For free, Ali spent half an hour measuring me and marking my lenses all the usual stuff that professional opticians do. I ended up with perfectly comfortable glasses and perfect 20/20 progressives. For free.

Brass Monocle had told me that clip on sunglasses were impossible for my unusual frames, to fit them. Glenmore Vision just said, “Sure it will be about two weeks before they are done.”

Brass Monocle is like being charged for a Lexus and getting a used beater of a Dodge. Based on evidence.

Their lack of competent care culminated in eye strain repeatedly over several years blaming me for buying what turned out to be name brand adequate and effective frames in a style I really like that they don’t carry. Basically, a physical abuse by charming poorly trained mere salespeople that blame the victims of their abuse and neglect. I shudder to think what their personal relationships are like; I hope they never had kids. These people are awful based on evidence.

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