How To Fire Your Dentist

Hey Simran

I’m moving on as you know. The small little practice that I enjoyed so much is gone. What I find is that my favorite people that I have come to trust have left. This happens with corporate narcissism and yes I am an expert. Folks leave the unreasonableness, the chaos and the frustration. Personally I have experienced everything from expensive crown procedures from your partner while you were on maternity that according to you I didn’t need, having my insurance maxed out, to appointments screwed up, again, to inability to keep promises, having my budget blindsided so that it’s a choice give the practice my grocery money or don’t keep my promises to myself for dental care. In short it’s the typical narcissist’s lack of empathy. Predators is another way to put it, incompetence is what it plays out as.

This I find very frustrating, and I have expressed this emotion sometimes loudly but I’m not abusive and have not described anybody in any way at all. I have a right to express my emotions. People have a right to know what they are as per the Assertive Bill of Rights. So really, my being described as confused and a liar as the cause for other people’s problems this weekend should not have been blindsiding and a shock to me, since your team had screwed up the appointments again, I should have come to expect it.

I find that as soon as I ask for what I want, competitive pricing for seniors, I am dumped and smeared. Overvalue, undervalue, dump, smear is the narcissist m.o.

So I’m breaking up with the snake pit you find yourself in business with. But not with you. You have been there for me emotionally and medically when I have been going through life changing trauma. Your care has been a real support and is highly valued. I will always hold you in the highest regard, my agreeable , reasonable friend.




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