how to draw lessons 1 through to 999999999999999

The first thing I tell my drawing students is to throw out their eraser unless you make marks with it. Drawing is a record of experience: camera video brush paints photoshop words music are the tools I use… so many more to discover…it’s all the same thing, records your human experience. A fine artist uses elegance and subtlety in artfulness.

I intentionally left off imagination…we have yet to develop a tool to re-present those beautiful fantastic holograms…best to start your work from observation.

The only technique I teach in visual art is how to place your observations on your page and how to scale them in proportion. That takes 10 minutes… to learn to draw…Other than that your subject, interests, and handwriting…are yours, beautiful one of a kind…

Picasso said great artists steal because he had no creativity because he had no empathy as he was a narcissist, so he stole from us who are more fully human.

An application for friendship with yourself and your art: Please have unconditional acceptance of self, others, the universe. Anything else is a business contract among fascists. Any sentence with the words ‘should’ and ‘must’ are rantings of the insane… please record your unique human experience…



Jerald W. Blackstock First Person Reflections

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