Hi. I followed you before I knew about your body. My teacher Albert Ellis, foremost psychotherapist of the last century wrote a book called the Myth of Self Esteem, calling it the worst disease known to mankind. If you have it (or not) it's based on some condition, which always changes. Then you are in shitsville. Depressed and anxious. Dump the notion of self esteem and focus on strategies for satisfaction instead. I lost an arm and a leg, he said do everything I can to deal with it, then ignore it, and focus on satisfactions. I may not have as many choices, but I still have some.

It's not the boob it's the person attached to it that I value. I read your writing and said, 'This pleases me.'

I also really like strategies for dealing with the comments received about my body, currently I use the rational response, 'They are morons so they should be morons'. Accept Accept Accept.

rebtnetwork.org has more (free) if its of interest.

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