I finally figured REBT out. The rational emotive behavioural therapy. It’s not that I don’t have to fear any more. The emotions come and go on their own I really don’t have any control. I tried drugs & alcohol suppressing them distracting from them overeating them yoga them none of it worked the unhealthy emotions came and stayed like my unwelcome drunk stoned noisy fat religious relatives from the trailer park screaming for attention and best ignored.


I don’t have to be liked

I don’t have to have others do the right thing

I don’t have to have the universe be fair

I’m not a shit when others don’t like me

I’m not a shit when others are completely and unfathomably wrong

I’m not a shit when the universe is harsh and strives to kill me

Anxiety leaves

Depression leaves

Shame leaves

Embarrassment leaves

Hurt leaves

Jealousy leaves

Guilt leaves

Rage leaves

I can’t be manipulated by F.ear

I can’t be manipulated by O.bligation

I can’t be manipulated by G.uilt

The F.O.G. has lifted

It’s a beautiful day

It always has been with it concerns and lost preferences and disappointments and regrets and sadness.

Bittersweet loss replaces the terrible and the awful giving substance and body to my empathy.

This is a full complete life of riches.