metaphor for historical shifts

defenestration /dē-fĕn″ĭ-strā′shən/ An act of throwing someone or something out of a window.

Originally used on religious/political opponents in Prague so that they would land in the piles of human excrement below. Taking place before the time of Martin Luther. Full history here.

I wonder about the stock brokers flying out of windows.

I wonder about a painter taking 2 years of his life to discuss defenestrating Catholics,

Václav Brožík, The Prague Defenestration of 1618, 1890 — Source.

and then doing it again to illustrate their recovery.

Václav Brožík’s 1891 painting, depicting Polyxena of Lobkowitz safeguarding Catholic officials after their 1618 defenestration — Source.

Switching back to my own timeline I find that religious nationalists are still at it. Fanatically.

All religion all nationalism is fascist. Obviously.