Cliff Glenn & Carol Graham

Cliff Glenn wasn’t his real name, or so he said. I met him through the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission where I was working at my first real job, getting professional training and working with kids in high school headed for trouble. It was 1973 or so.

The funding for this project dried up and I re-met Cliff when he hired me at a halfway house for heroin addicts where I also met my future wife Carol, a psychology major also hired to counsel. As it turned out they were both malicious narcissists, very charming and believable.

Carol went on to law school and divorce me as I no longer fitted in the current reinvention of herself. Cliff went on to sell cars and also dumped me preferring, cocaine and golf. Long haired kind hippies need no longer apply it seems. Overvalue undervalue dump smear.

In both cases I was devastated. I learned to be shunned and do solitary things like drive a cab, play guitar and make visual art.

It’s 2023 now and I’m still recovering from the experience of being manipulated and dumped by these creatures.

Donald Trump had his fraudulent businesses shut down yesterday and folks in the states will still vote for him. The narcissist hero worship charm is that compelling. I’m still figuring out that my experience with it, 50 years later, wasn’t my fault. I was hunted, as kind compassionate empathetic people are by these creatures, used, dumped then smeared as it being all my fault in order to cover their lies.