City of Calgary Killarney Rec Centre


I live close so I went there to rehab out of stroke injuries.

During the pandemic mandates for shots and masks, the Flu Trux Klan supporters all refused to show up. So its been nice. Considerate people with a sense of social responsibility stayed and we worked out safely.

Lower the mandated requirements keeping us safe and we now have the return of ultra-conservative narcissist weight pumpers, buying and selling steroids(?), juicers, in the parking lot, seeking victims to dominate with gaslighting and intimidation. I’ve had 4 experiences, in a week, one with staff, who felt they could criticize me and my handicapped performance using the equipment with impunity.

The staff guy was bothersome demanding to know why I asked him to fix the disassembled equipment I wished to use, he was programming tv, he was getting closer and closer intimidatingly until finally I mentioned that his breath was really unpleasant. He left and shot me hate looks from then on.

Norm, was all hail well met when he returned to the gym recently, we had met previously at the gym, I said I had tried to say hello to him in community at the grocery but he just ignored me, so what was with the demanding that I stop exercising, allow him to get too close and touch me? He said that never happened.

I don’t like gaslighters. It’s best to cut them off. I let him know that his advances were unwelcome to not talk to me in future. He got really upset and tried to regain control by saying (yelling) I had issues.

I moved to my alternate rec centre much further away but the staff is nice. I told them I tried Killarney again but it’s gone back to being bad. At Killarney I have to drag staff away from a screen to even get a hello.

The staff at my alternate are responsive. First of all they actually spoke to me, and secondly they listened, and thirdly they asked if there was anything I needed.

This is the way it should be.



Jerald W. Blackstock First Person Reflections

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