Beware of Doug

Sitting at the coffee table with a couple of pleasant residents. Doug comes along and grabs my cane off the table, offended and saying I get dirt where they eat. The next time I see that I’m throwing it out, he says then actually marched off outside with my cane. He eventually brought it back, yelled some more, then left. The other 2 residents tell me how these events have happened before in their experience.

So I got some more insight as to who qualifies for subsidized housing, and how not all disabilities are on the outside and readily obvious.

I gained more appreciation for your skill at dealing with this stuff on a daily basis. Your words of rational wisdom combined with the REBT form to create my own rational responses reduce this event and recent, to mere irritations.

The other residents mentioned they feel like they are in a jail and have to stay in their rooms not able to move freely fearing more abusive encounters like they have already experienced and witnessed with Doug today. Their advice to me was similar to yours, learn to ignore it.

I once lived in a condo and the authoritarianism was worse, FYI, I was yelled at for not parking perfectly straight.

So as part of new self helping behaviors, I made a sign for a coffee meet up at DeVille and will post it tomorrow, this is so folks feel they have a choice.

Also, I took your poem “Against the clear blue sky, majestic” and used it as the title to a piece I’m working on.

I find this a nice collaboration, and you, like 99% of the residents, kind, compassionate and empathetic.

Warm regards,

JeraldBlackstock BFA, dipl. Painting, Alberta University of the Arts, CPF.

Blackstock Fine Art&Design