and similar smear campaigns I have met in just the last 20 minutes:

Eugenics is the practise or advocacy of improving the human species by selectively mating people with specific desirable hereditary traits. It aims to reduce human suffering by “breeding out” disease, disabilities and so-called undesirable characteristics from the human population.

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Noblesse oblige…

My history with eugenics started with my wife. She was a hard-right conservative farmer's daughter with the gene for Huntington's disease as it turned out, a narcissist who manipulated and lied convincingly about all that to me, so I would be trapped in a codependent care-taking relationship at a future date when her disease kicked in. Her Mom, when diagnosed, was kicked off the farm as being of no use, moved to Calgary, worked at Sears until one day she walked in front of a bus, a victim not of Huntington’s but of her husband's fascistic narcissism.

My wife said it was important to not have kids so that the gene would not be passed on. Really, she just wasn’t capable of empathizing with or nurturing even a plant. The idea of not having kids because they might deal with a terminal challenge is just nonsense, we all deal with that one. It was just a put-off, a ‘don’t get to know the real me’ kind of thing.

Essentially the word disability is a smear campaign, much like the word malicious. If you do something in your best interests but fascists like Facebook and Insta think you are redirecting their hard sought-after monopoly of customers to your business, without paying them, you are malicious according to their smear campaign.

I once found an Asian social network that paid me for my content, no strings attached, acknowledging that subscribers are content creators and should get paid for our posts on their site. Facebook weaponized, wouldn’t allow anyone to share the link, said it was malicious, then rumour had it, bought the offending site and killed it. They like to get your content and your contacts for free then sell it. They are in the contact getting/selling business, not the social network business. I posted fine art showing Goya’s maid/model female form and they banned me. Similar to what the Inquisition did to his art in 1790. Don’t threaten the conservative religious income stream then or now.

If you need property owners to cut their profits and spend money on self-opening doors that are more accessible to the human condition, you are smeared as being disabled and a minor concern, a minority. So if you have groceries or a baby carriage you are disabled? I requested these changes to Capreit, Canada’s largest property manager,(as of 2021 CAPREIT currently owns or has interests in approximately 70,000 residential apartment suites, townhomes and manufactured housing community sites, well-located across the U.S., Canada, the Netherlands and Ireland with approximately $18 billion of assets under management globally), and was told this isn’t an ‘accessible’ building. Fuck off with your costly concerns. So I moved to an accessible building. The expensive door device? A doorstop on a hinge that costs 5 bucks put in place by intelligent managers at a non-profit.

Intelligence is another conditional acceptance. I mean it doesn’t exist, much like any other self-esteem trap. Basically, a psychologist like the psychologist who invented self-esteem (the worst disease known to mankind — Dr. Albert Ellis ) made his name and his fortune by inventing IQ, a conditional (his conditions) acceptance of self and others, eugenics, in other words, words that were favoured by the likes of Hitler, and used as an excuse to abuse others for profit. To kill six million folks in order to hijack their cash.

I have an IQ of 147. You, dear reader, on average, have an IQ of 90. So basically, according to the self-serving psychologist’s tests, he just made you a moron and me a genius. Neither of which is true. We are all genius at some things and morons at others. I can’t do math or comprehend the third dimension spatial relations for example. Or tie my shoes. So I deal with these issues in non-standard ways. This makes me a (potentially) genius painter and a moron sculptor who trips on his shoelaces. I currently can't use the right side of my body, so I get things done in non-standard ways. A particular satisfaction, one that informs my entire attitude. The purpose of life, therefore, is to form satisfactions.

To describe a human with thousands and thousands of characteristics with just one word is not only inaccurate it's abusive. Your likes and dislikes only describe you and your agenda. To start any sentence with the word You and then do some describing is done for the purpose of manipulation that is never in my best interests. For example, recently, a man wanting to use my oral and anal body cavities to masturbate described me as beautiful, a word with no meaning. I mean all sex is masturbation I just prefer to socialize sex with affectionate women whom I respect and who like me and we enjoy the activity together. No manipulative narcissistic liars of any gender are allowed in my body cavities, thank you.

I can say just about anything that starts with the word I as that is describing me. I have a right to say what my feelings are, you have a right to know what they are. “I am disabled” is yucky and inaccurate. “This is sometimes a pain in the ass, but what good can I make of this”, is closer to the mark. It’s not attituding, it's choice and intent.

I reserve the right to say “keep your fecal covered hands away from me” to virtue signalling religious morons looking to get some self-esteem and into heaven by labelling certain folks as handicapped and manipulating the vulnerable. Instead, I just say, “please don’t” when they grab the door I am hanging onto for balance as I negotiate opening it with one hand and they throw me off balance by attempting to fling the door wide. But I’m trying to help you! I need to come inside! You are in the way! … Please Don’t, I repeat more emphatically. One guy said, “you are starting to piss me off” to which I replied, what are you a three-year-old you can’t control your emotions? He went to his truck and began to beat on the hood…

I was driving a taxi and drove a man to the airport. He was flying to Vegas, he had won a painting competition. He got out his wallet, paid cash, accepted change, grabbed his luggage. He had no arms and very flexible toes. No hint of disability, just alternate abilities.

When I was getting physio for stroke recovery a young teen was learning to get out of bed and dress. Diabetes had killed his eyesight and kidneys, took both his arms at the shoulder and both his legs at the hip. He was laughing enjoying his successes.

The emotionally disabled man (low tolerance of frustration) pounding on his truck was truly disabled. The guy making art by alternate means is simply being an artist. Matisse was bedridden so he cut out shapes with paper and scissors. Is that a disability?



meditation, reportage, blog, humour piece, eulogy, autobiographical slice, diatribe, list, collage, mosaic, lecture, or letter

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Jerald W. Blackstock

meditation, reportage, blog, humour piece, eulogy, autobiographical slice, diatribe, list, collage, mosaic, lecture, or letter