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stolen from Tumblr non attributed but looks like my art school work

I had this huge insight while at the gym. Well I actually remembered it from Dr. Burns ‘Feeling Good, the New Mood Therapy’ where he suggested that fighting is a form of intimacy. Then he asked, basically, why I would want to be intimate with assholes?

I have been consciously practising ignoring narcissists in my building and community. Choose peace. They hate that, they crave attention, intimacy, so they are demanding intimacy inappropriately. They have a personality disorder.

The subsequent attacks and smears are the result of their illness. They said I smoke dope at home, reported me to management for violating the no smoking policy. The manager, Villanelle, who has been good friend to me and knows me (and them) well, laughed in their faces. When Villanelle told me about it I said it wasn’t me smoking it was the 5 hookers I had over.

So we jokingly decided I should start my own rumours. I started by telling the hooker story to the morning coffee group many of which are the angry lonely needy narcissists I ignore. They glowered and stared and looked uncomfortable, as NPD’s (narcissist personality disorder) don’t get banter, they lack the social skill, they simply don’t understand it and take it literally.

They now believe and are spreading the rumour that I had 5 dope smoking hookers in my apartment.

This is like giving a man with a gun bullets.

At Yellow Cabs, the awful cab company (they all are) I once dispatched for I told the NPD (narcissist personality disorder) woman who wanted to fuck me that I was gay to make her go away. She loved authority. She called the cops all the time to report our incidences of robbery and driver assaults etc. I told her that I was even arrested for sodomy. She didn’t know what that was and since google hadn’t been invented yet, and no one in the call centre would stop laughing long enough to tell her, she decided to call the police. In her best officious voice, “Hello this is Jackie from Yellow Cabs, could you tell me what it is when you are arrested for sodomy please?”

The cop was laughing so hard he had to hang up.

I can imagine that when I lay this on our coffee group they will google results like Sodomy typically includes anal sex, oral sex, manual sex, and bestiality (this includes same sex and opposite sex). This should keep them going for weeks. They might find that a woman who videoed for Facebook a man porking a pig got a sentence of 100 years in 2023 in Alabama.

sodomites at the senior centre

Should anyone ask why I ignore the creatures I will reply that I’d simply screw with their heads but then I’d risk getting arrested for sodomy with a swine as in pearls before. Thank you Mr. Shakespeare.